Duo Topadur ja FREE-kirppis ke 23.7.

Freekirppis – Tuo ja vie ilmaiseksi!

Kahvilasta virvokkeita, jätskiä ja pikkupurtavaa.

Duo Topadur esiintyy klo 16.00

Duo Topadur:

New experimental folk music with poems and stories from Denmark, Germany and the US.

Topadur is a contemporary folk music duo combining and blending Nordic, Celtic and German traditions in their repertoire. Given the unusual pairing of instruments and the different musical backgrounds they are constantly looking for sounds and techniques that build bridges joining the contrasts but also highlighting the common grounds of bass (Johan Herskind/DK) and kalimba, flute and voice (Simon Voigt/DE).

Besides own compositions and instrumental arrangements of traditional material Topadur´s lyrics root in old myths and fairytales but get as well inspired by modern poetry and own experiences.

The name Topadur is a hybrid of the Danish phrase »to på tur« (two on a journey) and the concept behind the French word troubadour, describing traveling musicians and bearers of tales and stories.

duo t


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